Campus Counts

Campus Counts has all the publicly accessible graphical display of data on enrollment, applications, degrees, and retention/graduation rates.

The Campus Overview provides a quick summary of enrollments, degrees, and faculty at the university. While all of these figures are examined in more detail in the PDFs below, the Campus Overview is one-stop-source for our most commonly requested figures.

Campus Overview - updated November 2023

Admissions data include numbers of applications, acceptances, and enrollments for three years, as well as students' high-school or college GPAs, and SAT scores for undergraduate applications. Undergraduate student data looks at students who enter as new freshman or new transfer students; graduate data focuses on student admissions by program level. Admissions reports were updated in October 2023.

Undergraduate Admissions Summary

Graduate Admissions Summary

University employees are made up of faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. In this section you will find information on race/ethnicity, gender, and full-time/part-time status. Additional information specific to each group (faculty, staff, and graduate assistants) is also provided. Employee reports were updated in November 2023.

Fall 2023 Employee Summary

Student profiles provide a three-year snapshot of enrollment activity at the University. In these reports you will find data on race/ethnicity, gender, class standing, residency, full-time/part-time status, and more. The figures presented are the official enrollment figures for the University (those reported to various state and federal agencies, as well as those used internally by the University for most purposes). Additional enrollment reports are available that detail information such as where UMD students come from and enrollment by college. Unless otherwise noted, Enrollment reports were updated in October 2023.

Undergraduate Student Profiles

Graduate Student Profiles

Enrollment Maps

    These PDF reports have been replaced with a public report on Enrollment Maps

Other Enrollment Information

Included in this section are reports on degrees granted for the past 10 years at the University at all levels. Undergraduate retention and graduation rates are split providing rates for students who began at the University as new freshmen or as new transfer students. Retention and Completion reports were updated in October 2023.

Retention/Graduation Rates

FY 2023 Degree Summaries

Archived Campus Counts Reports

The reports below are previously published Campus Counts reports. They are organized by calendar year.