What information does IRPA have available publicly?

Campus Counts provides a static graphical display of data on the IRPA website for public use. Using this resource you can find the answers to many frequently asked questions regarding enrollments, applications, degrees, and retention/graduation rates. These documents are summary data are the university level.

Common Data Set: The Common Data Set (CDS) initiative is a collaborative effort among data providers in the higher education community to have a standard format of commonly requested data.

Public reports on are dashboards that also provide student and employee data, but are interactive and allow users to delve deeper and see information for specific colleges, departments, or majors.

When are data updated/available?

Campus Counts and public reports available in are updated in the fall after student and employee data are captured for the semester. Data in these reports represent the official numbers reported to the federal and state governments.

Campus reports available in are updated at various times throughout the year as data become available. See the Report Description tab in each report for more information about when data are updated

What is the process for requesting information?

When you are unable to find the what you are looking for in Campus Counts, CDS, or , information requests should be made via the Information Request Form. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, phone number, a description of the request, and the purpose for the request. Even though the length of time to complete a request is dependent on the information being requested, most requests are completed within 10 business days. You can always follow-up on a request by phone (301-405-5590) or by email (

Freedom of Information Act requests should not be submitted using the information request form. Please follow the instructions on the university’s Public Information Request site.

Note: IRPA only provides aggregated data, if you are looking for lists of individual record data you will need to contact the appropriate data manager, e.g. Registrar or Human Resources.

How can I access campus reports?

The site has interactive reports with information on enrollments, degrees, graduations rates, employees, and more. A set of these reports is available to the public without login. All university employees automatically have access to an expanded set of aggregate reports via login on this site. Additional reports (both Tableau and SAS) are available to select groups of users identified by the offices that have written them.

Additional access to the individual records that make up the aggregate data on campus reports is available through the "Drill Down" request process. This access can be requested via this form: Request for Individual Record Level Data via

Additional information on using campus reports is available at this help page.

How can I get access to SAS for ad hoc querying?

The campus no longer supports Hyperion Studio (previously Brio) for ad hoc data querying, and has moved to the use of SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) as the supported solution. More information on getting access to this software and training (with or without data warehouse access) can be found here: Ad Hoc Query Access Request for the Data Warehouse.

In addition to the SAS EG training and functional support that IRPA provides, more information on using SAS is available here: SAS Enterprise Guide Confluence Page.