Love Data Week 2023

Love Data Week February 13-17, 2023

Love Data Week is an international celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine's day. This year’s theme is about using data to bring about changes that matter such as policy change, environmental change, and social change.

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment (IRPA) is coordinating a series of data-related activities and events throughout the week to celebrate the use of data on campus.

Love Data Events

Love Data Events

Monday, February 13th

  • Finance Data for Academic Units

    2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

    Learn how to use the tools developed by the Provost's Office staff to understand finance data in academic units.

Tuesday, February 14th

  • IRPA (Virtual) Open House

    1:30pm - 4:00pm EST

    Have a nagging question you've been trying to answer? Need data for a grant and don't know where to find it? Want to chat data? This is the session for youl! Come see us in person (We'll have treats!) or attend virtually.

    1101 Clarence Mitchell Junior Building

  • One-on-One Help Sessions for Data Reporting Tools

    9:00am - 5:00pm EST

    IRPA staff members will be on-call to give users one-on-one assistance with campus data reporting tools -- Tableau, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Visual Analytics.

Wednesday, February 15th

  • Graduate Student Data: An Introduction for Program Directors

    9:00am - 10:00am EST

    Learn how to access data the Graduate School has developed to better understand your students and program outcomes.

  • Love CAWG Data

    1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

    Discover how CAWG (Campus Assessment Working Group) can provide meaningful information on the student experience.

    View presentation slides for CAWG session

  • Privacy, Behavioral Analytics, and Trust - Panel Discussion

    2:30pm - 3:30pm EST

    Colleges and universities (including UMD) are beginning to look to larger and more complex data sets, advanced tools (like machine learning and artificial intelligence), and statistical modeling to improve the student experience, engagement, and success. These analytics projects have the potential to make significant differences in the lives of students, faculty, and staff, but they require a significant level of trust and engagement from the community. This panel will discuss student, faculty, staff, and administrative perspectives on how UMD might use data analytics and what community concerns might be - and panelists will take questions/explore ideas from attendees.

    Megan Masters (Director, Academic Technology Experience)
    Katie Shilton (Associate Professor & Program Co-Director of the BS in Social Data Science)
    Michelle Appel (Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment)
    Rojin Ziaei (UMD Undergraduate Student)

    Joe Gridley (Chief Data Privacy Officer)

  • Tableau Community of Practice

    3:00pm - 4:30pm EST

    Campus Tableau users willshare how they use this data visualization tool to explore data and build reports for campus. This meeting will be held in-person (2202 SPP) and over Zoom.

    Notes from the meeting are posted on Confluence and linked below. VPN required if accessing the page from off-campus

    View meeting notes for Tableau Community of Practice

  • Future of Interface (FOI) Workshop

    Feb. 15-16, 2023

    This 2 day free virtual event will bring together the best tecnologists, thinkers, and leaders to explore what human computer interfaces might look like in 20 years and how to make them accessible for all. More information about the FOI Workshop

Thursday, February 16th

  • Using

    3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

    This session will provide tips and tricks for navigating the website as well as highlight some hidden gems in reports.

  • Future of Interface (FOI) Workshop

    Feb. 15-16, 2023

    This 2 day free virtual event will bring together the best tecnologists, thinkers, and leaders to explore what human computer interfaces might look like in 20 years and how to make them accessible for all. More information about the FOI Workshop

Friday, February 17th

  • Personal Perspectives and Data Journeys

    9:00am - 10:00am EST

    In this session, we will explore how our past experiences with data have shaped the way we approach analysis and interpretation and the importance of intentionally bringing diverse perspectives, disciplines, and backgrounds to the table when forming evidence-based insights.

On Demand Sessions/Webinars

Future Events

  • 6th Annual UMD InfoChallenge Showcase and Awards

    March 4, 2023

    This is the culmination of the annual weeklong challenge in which students compete in solving real world problems in the data analytics, security, and design. The Showcase event is from 2:00pm - 3:00pm with an awards ceremony following from 3:00pm - 4:00pm.

    View more info for 6th Annual UMD InfoChallenge Showcase and Awards

International Events

Find events and activities happening locally and virtually around the world: Love Data Week 2023 events and activities

Data Assistance

Data Assistance

Need help with campus data?

We are here to help! Contact us at or 301-405-5590. We provide support in using the kinds of data you see on, but we also partner with people across the campus on a variety of projects.

See the testimonials below for examples of how we can help you.

Love Data candy heart

Data Testimonials

Data Testimonials

As part of our Love Data Week event, we asked members of campus to provide a brief testimonial about projects, reports or data that made a meaningful impact in their job and decision-making. Here are some of the responses we got back:

"In the ARHU Dean's Office, we find the data provided by IRPA in very helpful as a starting point for conversations in our Strategic Planning Meetings with each of our units every Fall semester. I have also greatly benefited from the IRPA data in supporting and co-chairing various ARHU task forces that were charged with re-thinking doctoral education in the Humanities and our undergraduate College requirements. Finally, was a great resource for me when recently co-chairing a campus-level committee. Generally speaking, it's a first stop for me in embarking on most administrative tasks."

- Ralph Bauer, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Arts and Humanities

"I really appreciate, when I work with IRPA, that I can first go to the standard campus community reports to explore and mull over what my questions are, and then go to the staff to help me brainstorm, sometimes look at raw data, refine my questions, and then if I need something special the team is so helpful."

- Betsy Beise, Senior Associate Provost
Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

"IRPA is a tremendous help with the substantial number of data points that we’re required to report for our accreditation. In particular, IRPA works closely with us to find solutions when faced with complicated reporting definitions. We greatly appreciate their creativity, patience, and perseverance in meeting these requirements! "

- Brittany Bugbee, Senior Faculty Specialist
School of Public Health - Office of Planning and Evaluation

"Graduate School policies and decisions should be informed by data and analysis. I use to allocate fellowship and award nominations, evaluate the progress of graduate programs in achieving goals for diversity, completion, and time to degree, to make data available on the graduate student experience and alumni career outcomes, and much more."

- Steve Fetter, Associate Provost and Dean
The Graduate School

"With the help of IRPA, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences can make better, data-informed decisions. As a recent example, the college analyzed student performance metrics provided by IRPA to revise an LEP program. The data IRPA provided were critical, both for the analysis and the implementation strategy. My ongoing collaborations with IRPA allow me to ask better questions and find better answers—for my students, my faculty, and my dean. Thanks, IRPA!"

- Kristi Hall, Associate Director for Undergraduate Education
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences