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College Liaisons and Advisory Group

Many people across the campus have worked to bring the university course evaluation process to its current form. They are broken into two main groups. About twice a year IRPA meets with the Advisory Group regarding system use and policy development in particular. The Advisory Group members represent each of their units to the larger process.

College Liaisons

Each college has a designated liaison with whom IRPA communicates regularly regarding the implementation of CourseEvalUM. The liaisons have the most up-to-date information about the implementation of the process in the various colleges and are also a resource for department schedulers in the colleges regarding the evaluation process and the lists of courses and instructors evaluated each term. The Liaisons may have information that can help you understand how the system operates within your college as well as answer more general operations questions.

Current University Course Evaluation Liaisons

AGNR - Joseph Sullivan
ARCH - Madlen Simon
ARHU - Ralph Bauer
BMGT - Mike Sparrow
BSOS - Kristi Hall, Katherine Ford Russell
CMNS - Joelle Presson
EDUC - Kathy Angeletti
ENGR - Bill Fourney, Ken Kiger
JOUR - Rafael Lorente
INFO - Brian Butler
PLCY - William Powers, Nina Harris
SPHL - Colleen "Coke" Farmer
UGST - Doug Roberts
Extended Studies - Hilary Sazama
UMEI - Elizabeth Chase Driver

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group grew out of the Senate Task Force on Course Evaluations to inform the development of the system and its uses on campus. It meets approximately twice a year and includes representatives from each college, from Academic Affairs, The Graduate School, Student Government Association, Graduate Student Government, Division of IT and IRPA.

University Course Evaluation Advisory Group

AGNR - Joseph Sullivan
ARCH - Joseph Williams
ARHU - Christopher Morris
BMGT - Debra Shapiro
BSOS - Katherine Ford Russell
CMNS - Kaci Thompson
EDUC - Peter Leone
ENGR - Christopher Davis
GRAD - Linda Macri
JOUR - Rafael Lorente
INFO - Vedat Diker
PLCY - Jennifer Littlefield, William Powers
SPHL - Colleen "Coke" Farmer
UGST - Doug Roberts
SGA - Christine Hagan
GSG - Laura McBride
Provost's Office - John Bertot
DivIT - Carrie Bredenkamp
IRPA - Sharon La Voy, Mike Passarella-George
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