Doctoral Completions and Time-to-Degree

Prepared for the AAUDE Annual 2015 Conference

For its 2015 annual conference, the Association of American Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE) held its first Data Challenge Panel. AAUDE issued the challenge to create a brief presentation using the Doctoral Completion Rates and Doctoral Time-to-Degree exchange items that would be "a showcase of innovative and enlightening use of [the] data." A collaborative effort between the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment and the Graduate School, this presentation uses different data visualizations and animations to look at our Chemical Engineering and Economics doctoral programs, on their own and against some of our Big Ten peers.

Competing against colleagues at Harvard University and Purdue University, the University of Maryland team was designated the winner of the inaugural Data Challenge Panel. Congrats go to Wayne Taliaferro, Emily Foley, Stephanie Dolamore, and Thomas Dobrosielski from IRPA and Shama Akhtar from the Graduate School.

PDF version of the presentation