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Student Movers Report Tutorial

The tutorial video below provides an overview of the Student Movers report. The purpose of this eleven minute demo is to help users understand how to utilize the report and interpret the results.

The Student Movers report was updated in Summer 2014. This report is based on students who have entered the university as freshmen. The updated report includes several revisions that were made in order to simplify the report and improve upon the information it provides.

First, new dropdown menus have been added to highlight the functionality of the report at both the college and major levels. We have also added two subtotals at the bottom of the report to show graduates and internal transfers. The "Graduated" subtotal indicates how many students of the cohort in the selected unit at a given point in time successfully completed a degree at UMD. The "Internal Transfers" subtotal counts the students in the selected cohort who moved into the unit from the previous year. Finally, we enhanced the drilldown data to provide the most recent cumulative GPA for each student in a given cell along with the term in which the GPA was calculated.

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